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Watersoul Foundation is an organization dedicated to shark conservation and research. Watersoul Foundation's funds are distributed to shark research facilities across the globe. We have strong beliefs that with continued and more advanced research of sharks they will be further protected and understood. Of the 1,046 species of sharks and their relatives, 47% are listed as "Data Deficient," meaning there is not enough information and research completed to determine their conservation status. The conservation status of a species, threatened or endangered for example, is the primary way protection is established for that species.  By helping shark research facilities in their funding, we hope that research will reach a point where sharks can get the protection they deserve.

Watersoul Foundation was founded by Taylor Cunningham (@taylork.sea) in August of 2017. Taylor has always been passionate about marine life, especially sharks, but after spending the summer interning at OneOceanDiving she felt further compelled to create a project that would help make a difference in the fate of sharks around the world. Her hope is that Watersoul Foundation will help create a positive representation of sharks through research and awareness. 

Currently Watersoul Foundation is donating to shark research facilities around the world. OneOceanDiving in Oahu, OceansResearch in South Africa, and The Whale Shark and Oceanic Research Center in Honduras are on our list of research affiliates and are receiving donations from Watersoul Foundation to aid in their research. 

If you want to help us make a difference in the research of sharks, help out by shopping our collection as part of Watersoul Clothing. Watersoul Clothing donates 70% of its profits to the Watersoul Foundation! Your small contribution could help further the research done by our research affiliates.

Shark research also helps people gain a better understanding of these amazing animals. Much of the problem within shark conservation is that the general public is afraid of sharks and doesn't understand the importance of keeping them in our oceans. The public's preconceived notions of sharks will always be an issue that shark conservationist have to combat, but Watersoul Foundation and Clothing are attempting to promote a positive image of sharks rooted in the reality that they are amazing apex predators deserving of our protection. We hope that by spreading shark love and educating the public about the importance of sharks in the ocean, we can help make a small difference in how people view sharks.