Watersoul Clothing


Watersoul Clothing is a unique company in which 70% of its profits go towards shark research facilities around the world. It sells quality products for reasonable prices.

Watersoul Foundation Logos Large.png

Watersoul is an online store whose mission is to help fund shark research and ocean conservation around the world.  Our goal is to provide quality products at affordable prices, that are both fun and unique, but more importantly also serve a greater purpose; supporting underfunded shark research facilities around the globe.  Watersoul distributes 70% of its profits through Watersoul Foundation to help fund global shark research and ocean conservation efforts.  All products are designed by our founder and her team to create cool images with a message.  Watersoul is doing its part to impact the fate of sharks and we hope you will help us make a difference.  Sharks are typically portrayed as scary, man-eating monsters which is far from the truth (read more in the “Food for Thought” tab on our homepage).  Watersoul apparel is designed to help spark conversation in the hopes that those wearing it will share some jawsome facts about sharks, as well as stress the need for increased shark conservation and research.

Read more about the Watersoul Foundation on the "About Us" page.