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Our Team


Taylor Cunningham @taylork.sea

Founder, President

Taylor is a marine biologist and obtained her degree from the University of Tampa in 2018. She is a PADI Rescue Scuba Diver, currently pursuing her Divemaster. Taylor is the intern coordinator with OneOceanDiving and safety diver trainee in Oahu. While at school she assisted in Hammerhead hydrodynamics research. She was inspired by the research and conservation efforts of Shark Research Facilities across the globe and started Watersoul to further spread the message to protect sharks. She hopes to further educate the public on the importance of sharks in the ocean ecosystem and raise awareness for the reality of shark behavior vs. public perception. Taylor is an avid free diver and her favorite dives always include sharks! Taylor grew up visiting the Hawaiian Islands annually and considers them to be a second home. As an Orlando native the ocean was never more than an hour or so drive away. Her passion for sharks began after arriving to University, but she has loved marine life since she could swim. Watersoul and Watersoul Foundation are Taylor's way of trying to make a difference in the fate of sharks, the ocean, and our earth as a whole.


Paige Glaser @paigejg22

Director of the Board

Paige is a student at the University of Tampa studying the double major: Marine Science - Biology with a minor in Education. She is currently a volunteer at the Florida Aquarium and has a passion for helping marine life. Paige discovered her love for marine life when helping rescue an injured manatee from the St.Johns River in Jacksonville, FL in the second grade. In the future she hopes to be involved in Florida manatee rescue and rehabilitation as well as educate future generations about the importance of the marine ecosystems.


Patrick Nye @pnyeguy

Photographer, Secretary

Patrick Nye is a professional photographer and videographer from Orlando, FL and currently based in Austin, TX. He specializes in travel and adventure photography/video and is looking to use his skills to share the Watersoul message. Patrick has photographed and videoed for MTV, concerts for Travis Scott, other DJs, and sports teams of many kinds. Patrick has been a photographer for over 4 years and continues to push himself everyday by learning and trying new techniques.


Want to Join Our Team?

Be an ambassador for Watersoul Foundation! As an ambassador you will help us spread the message to help save sharks. You will be the first to receive updates on the research our research affiliates are doing as well as have the opportunity to join us on any volunteer trips we take to shark research facilities. As an ambassador you can help use your voice to tell others about the work Watersoul Foundation and all of our research affiliates are doing. You will also receive products at a discounted price! For more information, email us at watersoulfoundation@gmail.com with the subject line "Watersoul Ambassador: Your Name".